Buying a Whiskey Aging Barrel


Whiskey barrel for the aging wine is a tradition that dates back for a very long time. After the whiskey has fermented, it is put in the oak barrels for the aging process to start. Using the oak barrels allow whiskey to get the characteristics from the timber.

The whiskey is first fermented in containers made of stainless steel and then transferred to the oak barrel where it can age. In some situation, both the fermentation and aging can happen in the barrels.

The best oak that can produce good quality barrels that produce the best quality whiskey is from French oak forest. These oak trees were planted during the Napoleon's time to construct timber sailing ships. Because the timbers sailing ships are now a history, there is enough supply of oak material. These oak forests have become an ongoing forestry operation.

The timber from the oak tree is used in the construction of these barrels because it has tight grains. The wood has the characteristics of oak, some spice and butter like flavor. These are imparted slowly into the whiskey as it age producing the quality of the whiskey. The oak is far much better than wood which is fine grained.

A lot of research was conducted during the selection of the best wood for the barrels. Oak which was obtained from other countries did not produce good results. But it was later discovered that it was not the oak that determined the quality of the whiskey but the treatment which was done on it and how the barrels were made.

In America, there were attempts to make the barrels and they received dramatic improvements in the research. The French allowed the barrels to dry for about one month and the wood was then split to make the staves. The Americans used the kiln- drying method to dry the timber and then saw it to produce the staves.

The barrels are made by placing a part of the assembly one at a time over fire in a process called toasting or charging. It will now be upon you to determine how deep you want the charge to get into the wood. The treatment will have a very big effect on the quality of the whiskey as it age.  For more shop this website.

The whiskey manufacturers have the light, medium and the heavy duty toast barrels and they use the barrels depending on the type of grapes and the quality of wine they want in the barrel. There are a lot of options to pick from when you are selecting the wine barrels. Click here to  learn more.

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